Pork Adobo with Pineapple

Pork Adobo with Pineapple is a delicious twist on the classic Filipino adobo! With tender pork cubes, juicy pineapple chunks and a sweet and salty sauce, it’s perfect with steamed rice!

How was everyone’s weekend? To everyone in the western hemisphere, belated Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your day was filled with many things to be thankful for.

As for me, I ate my weight in roasted turkey, glazed yams, cornbread stuffing, and pumpkin pie that come Black Friday, I was first in line at the department store buying new pants. <–Truth.

Fortunately for my food-loving self (unfortunately for my ever-expanding girth), the avalanche of good food is not about to let up anytime soon. Two more major holidays to go, folks!

I am already knee deep in recipe development for the delicious meal ideas I will be sharing with you as we head to the year’s grandest season. In fact, I will be cooking more than usual these coming weeks as I will be leaving the second part of December for a Philippine vacay! Like I said in my Sriracha shrimp scampi post last week, this will be the first Christmas and New Year I will be spending in the Philippines in 26 years so I am really pumped up about this trip.

I can’t wait to share with you all the scrumptious delicacies I’ll get to try but before I get ahead of myself, let me add this pork adobo with pineapple to my list of holiday season favorites.

Pork Adobo with Pineapple

When we think of food for parties and special gatherings, we gear towards more elaborate dishes such as morcon, lengua, lechon, or kare-kare. I am, however, a big proponent of simple home cooking holiday or not. I believe with few adjustments, we can easily turn everyday meals such as adobo or binagoongan (a delicious twist coming up next!) into party fare fancy enough for company.

Case in point is this pork adobo recipe with pineapple. A simple addition of pineapple juice and chunks, our classic family dinner of adobo is now revamped and worthy of guests. With succulent pork pieces and juicy pineapples swimming in a gloriously sweet and salty sauce, it’s sure to be a hit at your Noche Buena table!

Tips on How to Make Pork Adobo with Pineapple:

  • I like to use pork butt for a good mix of meat and fat but feel free to swap with pork loin if you prefer a leaner cut or pork belly if you want a generous layer of fat.
  • To amp up flavor, sear the pork on medium-high heat until lightly browned.
  • To cook off the strong acid taste, allow the vinegar to boil uncovered and without stirring for a few minutes before adding the soy sauce.

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