Longganisa Wontons

As you know, I had enough longganisa over the weekend to feed an army. An army of friends and family who begrudgingly sat through my self-serving tale of how I successfully made Filipino sausages complete with casing for the first time. But after I’ve divided among them the hefty batch and enjoyed some myself, I had about six links needing another purpose other than a “silog” meal for breakfast.

Longganisa Wontons

I am not sure how the idea for longganisa wontons came about in my head. It might have been from something I read somewhere. Or maybe it  was just an opportune flash of ingenuity on my part. Regardless, they were delicious. Quick and simple, too.  As the meat was already well-seasoned, all I did to pull the filling together was add water chestnuts for texture and green onions for color.

The only part of this recipe I find a bit cumbersome is the assembly. You can fold the wonton wrappers in half into easy triangles like the pinsec frito we have in the archive or simply gather the sides around the filling to form mini “purses” like I did here.  Whatever folding technique you apply, make sure to cover the unused wrappers and completed wontons with a damp towel to prevent from drying out.

Do not overfill the wontons to keep from tearing and leaking during frying. About 1 teaspoon of filling per 3-inch sheet is a reasonable size. Give these a try, my fwends. Snack or appetizer, these bite sizes of awesomeness will not fail to impress.

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